About the Foundation

Who We Are

We engage with all stakeholders in the building construction community to advocate for knowledgeable experts such as DHI-credentialed professionals. Our work is currently focused on healthcare facility maintenance directors, engineers and mechanics for our awareness and education activities surrounding fire door inspection requirements. We also have a campaign for school administrators called “Opening the Door to School Safety” about the dangers of temporary door locking devices and advocating for those with expertise about the opening to provide code-compliant solutions. You can learn more about this campaign at www.lockdontblock.org.


  • Advocating for the critical role that the door and hardware industry plays in achieving and maintaining the balance between life safety and security in non-residential construction.
  • Advocating for the importance of using certified and credentialed door security and safety professionals with the expertise and experience to ensure the critical balance between life safety and security in non-residential buildings.
  • Creating awareness about issues that impact the life safety of building occupants, such as temporary door locking devices in school classrooms and annual fire door inspections in healthcare facilities.


  • Provide education and awareness about the basics of door and hardware products and their applications, with an emphasis on code-mandated requirements to better understand the importance of properly maintaining and regularly inspecting fire and egress door assemblies.
  • Maintain a network of Education Advocates who are DHI-credentialed Fire and Egress Door Assembly Inspectors (FDAI) and possess considerable knowledge and expertise to conduct these outreach activities into the building construction and healthcare communities, thus ensuring that the critical balance of life safety and security is maintained with the doors and entryways that serve the general public.
  • We author publications, create scholarship programs and build resources to support the expertise in the door security and safety community and provide awareness about fire and egress door assemblies and temporary door locking devices in school classrooms.