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Opening the Door to School Safety

This public relations campaign raises awareness with school administrators about the importance of safely securing classroom doors with code-compliant methods and pointing to the experts who can assist them in balancing the life safety and security needs of their schools: door security and safety professionals. As the next step in our campaign, we have launched a new website to provide a home for our growing library of resources and information.

Please visit for additional details and resources, including a new recording of our roundtable webinar conversation with Safe and Sound Schools. We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues and your communities.

The increased number of school shootings has created a growing public concern for safety in schools. Numerous opinions have evolved for improving student safety from an active shooter situation. In addition, several temporary door locking devices, or door barricade devices, have been made available with the intention of providing protection for students while in the classroom.

Unfortunately, these products fall short of the code requirements1 and often lead to unintended consequences. It is critical that these devices are vetted through the formal code process to ensure that the proper balance of life safety and security is met. There are already solutions in place in most schools and experts who can help you confirm if your school safe and secure.

Please watch the video above, view our webinar discussion with Safe and Sound Schools, and read our press release to learn more.

1 “Barricade Device? Think Twice!” Lori Greene, AHC/CDC, FDAI, FDHI, CCPR. Doors + Hardware, May 2015

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How Do I Know If My School Has Classroom Security Locks?

Check that the classroom door can be locked from the inside without opening the door, yet still allow egress from inside without having to unlock it. The door must be able to be unlocked from the outside as well. These are common door lock functions that are tested and certified to the highest standards of security and safety, and consistently meet required fire and building codes in schools and to date have been effective against active shooters. If you’re still uncertain, contact a door security and safety professional to help evaluate your facility.

Fact Sheet

Many states are seeking to change their codes under the false pretenses that door barricade devices are the only product that can secure a classroom. Learn more with our fact sheet.

Find A Pro

If you’re still uncertain about whether your school has classroom security locks, contact a door security and safety professional to help evaluate your facility.

White Paper

To learn more about the Foundation’s position on door barricade devices, please download our recent white paper.


NFPA 3000 Webinar

View this important webinar about NFPA 3000™ (PS) Standard For Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response Program presented by John Montes of NFPA and hosted by DSSF. Learn about NFPA 3000 content and contributors, ways you can organize, implement and communicate about ASHER strategies, and NFPA resources and tools available to you. We encourage you to share this with your colleagues, schools and communities. View slides here.


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